Week 5 - Building a Culture of Food Safety - Sponsored by Ecolab®

Building a Culture of Food Safety: What goes into a food safety culture? Food safety needs to account for both the "how's" and the "why's" of what you do.

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The Secrets to Building a Strong Food Safety Culture

In this ebook, we’ll cover how food safety training cultivates food safety culture, the importance of food safety culture, developing a food safety plan, maintaining positive culture, and putting food safety to practice.


Week 4 - NFSM 2023: What’s changed? Food Safety Regulations in Review - Sponsored by Ecolab®

Cracking the Code on Food Safety Regulations: Learn how food safety regulations are made, why they matter, and discover new regulations for 2023.

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How and Why Food Safety Regulations Are Made

In this ebook, we’ll cover a brief history of food safety in the U.S., why food safety regulations are created, and how these regulations affect restaurants.


2023 Mid-Year Regulation Review

Understand recent legislation and regulations impacting food managers, food handlers, allergens, alcohol service, and workplace safety.


Week 3 - Frequently Asked Questions about Health Inspections - Sponsored by Ecolab®

Cracking the Code on Health Inspections and Violations: Learn about the health inspection process, health code violations, and health inspection FAQs.

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Webinar: The Next Level in Food Safety (Presented in partnership with Ecolab)

Take your team to the next level of food safety by advancing from culture of compliance to a culture of commitment.


Cracking the Code: Health Inspections & Violations

In this eBook, we cover everything you need to know about restaurant health inspections.


Common Health Code Violations (And How to Prevent Them)

Check out this list of common health code violations to prepare for your next inspection and keep your guests safe and satisfied.


Week 2 - Personal Hygiene and Food Safety - Sponsored by Ecolab®

Cracking the Code on Personal Hygiene: Learn how germs transfer from hands to food and why good personal hygiene is essential for food safety.

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Why We Wash Our Hands

In the foodservice industry, we’re often told when, where, and even how to wash our hands. But not many people understand the science behind why we wash our hands.


Week 1 - Master Time and Temperature Controls and Become a Food Safety Expert - Sponsored by Tork®

Become a food safety expert by cracking the code on time and temperature. Learn more about the effects of time and temperature on food, safe cooking temperatures, and building a food cooking policy.

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Webinar: Train Staff to Uphold Pillars of Food Safety - Sponsored by Tork, an Essity Brand

Join our webinar for an in-depth look at what you and your team should know to keep your restaurants running safely.


Comprehensive Food, Time, and Temperature Chart

Download this comprehensive chart to help you with cooking temperatures for beef, pork, lamb, veal, and ham -- available in both English and Spanish.


Restaurant Cooking Policy Template

Ensure that all employees are trained on the correct procedure to prevent foodborne illness by cooking foods to the correct minimum internal temperature.


Cracking the Code: On Food Time and Temperature

There have been many food safety myths perpetuated through the years, whether it’s using the ‘smell check’ to test if something is spoiled or relying on firmness alone to see if a piece of meat is cooked through. We help you learn the truth.



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