National Food Safety Month 2019

September is National Food Safety Month.  This year's theme is "Controlling Risk: The Elements of a Food Safety Management System.”  This year our goal is to reinforce the key role employees play in making sure the food safety management system works the way it should.

Be sure to visit each week for new training tools and resources to help managers drive home FSFM concepts.
NSFM 2019 Week 4 - Maintain Your Commitment

Learn tips for staying vigilant about food safety in your restaurant.

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NSFM 2019 Week 3 - Refine the Process

Learn how employees can help refine your restaurant’s FSMS.

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NSFM 2019 Week 2- Provide Input

Learn what info you should share with employees to improve food safety.

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NFSM Week 3: Refine the Process

Learn how to refine your processes to develop more effective performance standards for every function in your Food Safety Management System. Remember you're the key to making it all work!

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Webinar - Keeping Food Safe with Effective Policies and Procedures

Join members of the National Restaurant Association’s food safety team for a special NFSM webinar as they discuss why written policies and procedures are important to keeping food and customers safe in a restaurant, and review the main components of a strong policy. 

Wednesday, September 18
1 P.M. (CDT) Length: 1 hour