Why Food Safety Focus?

Food Safety is your headquarters for the information and resources food service operators of all sizes need to keep guests and employees safe.  You'll find the latest information on food safety best practices, dining trends, regulatory issues and changes to help your operation stay current and informed about essential issues and concerns.
Protect Your Operation from Bodily Fluid Contamination

Changes in the 2017 FDA Food Code now require written procedures.

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Create a food-safety-first environment

Implementing non-negotiable safe-food practices comes from the top down. Learn how to create that culture.

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Make handwashing a priority

Make handwashing a priority to protect the health of your customers and staff.

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White Paper: Supplier Approval Programs - Beyond the Checklist

Supplier approval programs aren’t built in a day but once in place, they can have a significant impact on food safety and quality. Learn how to set up and maintain an effective program.


Meet the Food Safety & Industry Relations Team

Food Safety Focus is lead by the Food Safety & Industry Relations team of the National Restaurant Association. This small but mighty team is excited to present food safety topics relevant to current issues and the future of food safety

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