September 22

Week 5 Blog

Thank you for cracking the code on food safety with us this September!

As we wrap up NFSM 2023, we wanted to take some time to go over all that we’ve learned over the last month and reflect on what building a strong food safety culture means.

Building a Culture of Food Safety

In our last week of NFSM 2023, we tie all our food safety lessons together by exploring how to build a culture of food safety in your foodservice operation.

Through new regulations, scientific breakthroughs, advances in technology, and shifting consumer preferences, one aspect of successful restaurant operations remains the same: food safety training. But today, food safety training goes beyond theoretical understanding; it is about cultivating a company-wide food safety culture.

Download our week five content below to learn more about building a food safety culture.

Download Cracking The Code: The Secrets To Building A Strong Food Safety Culture eBook

The Effects of Time and Temperature on Food

In the first week of NFSM 2023, we set our sights on how time and temperature affect food safety.

From the time a new food delivery is received until the moment a dish is served, food time and temperature should be carefully controlled. Being aware of time and temperature control for safety foods, or TCS foods, and the temperature danger zone is critical for serving safe food.

In case you missed it, download all week one content below.

Download Comprehensive Food Time and Temperature Chart

Download Restaurant Cooking Policy Template

Download Cracking The Code: Food Time and Temperature eBook

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How Personal Hygiene Affects Food Safety

In week two of NFSM 2023, we explored the role that personal hygiene plays in food safety.

The number one reason for foodborne illness outbreaks in restaurants is poor personal hygiene practices among food handlers. Maintaining good personal hygiene and knowing when, where, how, and why we wash our hands can be the difference between serving up safe, satisfying meals and spreading potentially life-threatening diseases.

To learn more, download our week two content below.

Download Cracking the Code: Why We Wash Our Hands Infographic

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Breaking Down Health Inspections and Health Code Violations

During week three of NFSM 2023, we turned our focus to health inspections and health code violations.

Many restaurant managers dread health inspections because of uncertainty and misconceptions about the process. Each region in the U.S. has its own health inspection process and health code violation rules, both of which are derived from the FDA Food Code.

To ensure your operation stays inspection-ready, download our week three content below.

Download Health Inspection eBook

Download Cracking The Code: Common Health Code Violations and How to Avoid Them Infographic

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Understanding Your Food Safety Regulations

In week four of NFSM 2023, we discussed food safety regulations, why they matter, and how they affect restaurant operations.

While most restaurant leaders are aware of food safety regulations, many are unsure why food safety regulations are made and how these regulations directly impact their operations. Some of the first food safety regulations in the U.S. date back to the early 1900s, and many of the new food safety regulations being developed today are built on these foundational rulings.

Download our week four content below to learn more about understanding your food safety regulations.

Download Cracking The Code: How and Why Food Safety Regulations Are Made eBook

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Continuing Your Practice of Food Safety

From all of us at ServSafe, thank you for joining us for National Food Safety Month 2023. We hope we were able to set the record straight on food safety and clear up any food complexities or misconceptions.

Although NFSM 2023 has come to an end, we hope you carry these lessons with you and impart the knowledge you gained toward building a strong food safety culture in your business. Be sure to check back to and ServSafe for even more food safety tips, updates, and resources.






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